Camlet Way 2, Hadley Wood, Enfield

This single storey, new-build, low energy, back garden development is located in what was once the lower garden of Camlet Way 1, also by us. The total area for both houses adds up to 2094sqm, two new larger houses for the obsolete original 526sqm house.

This house sits below a flat roof garden, which is flush with the ground floor level garden of the original house being replaced to our design as Camlet Way 1. This solution significantly reduces the impression of an overcrowded site prevalent in most back garden developments.

Externally, luxurious natural materials satisfy the contemporary desire for richness. Walls are faced in random Cotswold dry stone walling, with features in corten oxidised steel and fumed oak. An extensive 3m high sliding glass wall is continuous across all principal rooms, facing the views over open Crown Estate countryside beyond. The effect is that the house interior and garden are as one, fully integrated with the natural landscape. Internally, the minimalist concept is tempered with the contrasting textures of stone and wood flooring, natural board-marked concrete, sleek glass kitchen units, quirky pendant lights and built-in storage units with integrated LED lighting. Warm colours are introduced with contemporary Italian furniture. 

Building complete in 2015