Apartments, Ferdinand St, Camden NW1

A project for new-build flats for rent in the heart of Camden. Our design has achieved 8 new flats on the site of the redundant garages of the adjacent mansion block. Working within the tight rights-of-light, daylight and privacy restrictions of the neighbours, our finely tuned plan has maximised bed spaces whilst achieving the Mayor of London’s space standards on an extremely tight city centre site.

Our design seeks to move forward from the “New London Architecture” style, with its simple ordered but often dull elevations by adding decorative artwork to the window recesses and balcony fronts, and a textured brickwork design at pavement level. The artwork is inspired by the natural colours and movement of grasses and reeds and uses the latest digital printing technique of ceramic powders onto glass to achieve a format that will not fade or deteriorate over time. See "News & Views" for detail of the artwork.

Project under construction 2015