Architecture, interiors, furniture and landscape

We are designers first and foremost, of architecture, interiors, furniture and landscape. We enjoy the relationships that are developed over time when working directly with clients, such that their desires for a truly special home or building can be fulfilled. Our designs are always contemporary, yet draw on the past for inspiration where pertinent. We relish the challenge of seamlessly marrying the new with the old, contemporary with traditional, creating links between the two. Our influences for a design might include Scandinavian modernism, the English Arts and Crafts, American east coast white clapboard, Cotswold stone.

We enjoy an architecture that continues the evolution of what is loved from the past yet still relevant for now. We always seek to connect the inside with the outside, to fuse the key livings spaces with the landscape beyond, to celebrate views and changing weather. We love to use natural materials in their simplest form – stone, timber, occasionally rusty steel, enjoying their tactile and timeless visual qualities, juxtaposing these with the precise, sleek elements of modern technology - large areas of virtually frameless glazing to allow wonderful light, sophisticated fittings to achieve high levels of comfort and functionality. We pay attention to every detail. Whilst we have achieved levels of sustainability and energy efficiency up to 60% beyond current standards, we do not use this as a basis for design but rather integrate it as part of the whole. Our passion for good design dictates that we aim to exceed expectations while not exceeding the budget.

About Us - Who we are, what we do
Having previously worked together in several high profile practices in London and Surrey, on many significant award winning projects, RIBA Chartered Architects David Lees and Yvonne Munday established a new practice in the Surrey Hills in 2011. We began with a series of high end one-off houses in two of the most exclusive suburbs of London. Our work continues to grow nationwide, predominantly in London and the South East but as far north as Northumberland.

While our initial work at Lees Munday has been on individual houses and apartments, we have led the design of award winning multi-storey London apartments, City of London office buildings, the UK Combined Forces Headquarters, hospitals, military equestrian buildings and schools. Our vast back catalogue means that we are well equipped to expand the scope of our work in any direction. Our developer clients understand that our extensive experience enables us to add value in sales revenue, and private clients simply appreciate the extra quality we can add. Our creativity and diligent research has enabled us to gain Town Planning and commercial success where others have previously failed, including in sensitive areas such as designated Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Conservation Areas, the Green Belt, and on private residential estates with their own stringent rules

David Lees, Director

Yvonne Munday, Director